On January 29, 2012, we promised endless love in our life
on the Bow Bridge in Central Park. [map]


This is Our Story.

Erica and Hoon met at Rhode Island School of Design, sharing the same passion and interests for design. Their love grew for each other in New York over three years, as they were inseparable and spent every moment available discovering the city's little and big surprises. Hoon proposed to Erica on January 29, 2012 on the Bow Bridge in Central Park. This place is very special to them for it is where they spent much of their time together, as well as it symbolizing much for the city of New York. Their laughs, joys, and memories lie in these streets and hope to make many more for all the days to come.


We traveled together here and there.

Engagement photos on Fifth Avenue and in Soho, New York City

Boys & Girls

We introduce our lovely
and handsome parties.


Erica Choi

Erica was born in Busan, Korea, but moved to the States at the young age of two. She grew up in Northern Jersey, but spent most of her childhood in the small town of Old Tappan. She has always had big dreams, and decided to make them come true when she went to the Rhode Island School of Design. She followed her passion in the arts and combining them with her obsession with new technology and media, she moved to New York City upon graduation, and now works with the best luxury and lifestyle brands in the world. With Hoon's love and guidance, she is able to achieve her passions and dreams, and is able to smile and enjoy every step of the way. She is ecstatic to start a new life with her best friend, and is excited for what's to come.


Hoon Kim

Hoon (a.k.a. Jeong Hoon) is a New York-based Korean graphic designer, educator, curator, and researcher. He spent 30 years of his life in Seoul while studying graphic design at Seoul National University and working for web agencies, branding firms, and web service companies in Seoul, Korea. In 2006, he came to the States to study at Graphic Design MFA Program at Rhode Island School of Design, and saw Erica during 2008 for the first time. Through a three-year long relationship, he has been learning from Erica how to enjoy life and keep a good work-life balance, instead of just working and making a less than ideal use of his time. Currently, Hoon is running a graphic design studio, Why Not Smile in SoHo, New York.

Maid of Honor

Cynthia Li

Cynthia has always had an ear open for Erica through thick and thin. Since the early days of college, she has been an ever supportive and caring friend, and Erica cannot imagine a life without her. As their friendship grew from being roommates, continuing on to being neighbors in New York City, they shared many stories and memories that continue to strengthen their friendship. Erica is so thankful to have Cynthia in her life.


Yujin Lee

Yujin is one funny girl, but also one of the sweetest girls Erica knows. She and Erica have been inseparable since freshman year of high school, and have shared so much since then. Being in the same field of graphic design, these two creatives have much to share and enjoy together. Since the days at the lunch table at OT to summer days in the city, so many chapters of their lives were shared and much more are to come!

Best Man

E Roon Kang

Roon has been a supportive friend of Hoon for many years. They met at Samsung Design Membership about 10 years ago, and moved to New York at a similar time. Since they both run a studio, they encourage each other and collaborate on projects together, helping them grow in their friendship.


Kevin Choi

Kevin is Erica’s younger brother. He has a passion for the arts as well as technology, and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Although quiet in character, Kevin has always been a strong and constant supporter to Erica as a brother.


Katherine Yee

Katherine is one of Erica's best friends from college. They were roommates at RISD, living in their apartment called "The Love Shack" in 15 West, along with Cynthia and another dear friend Gaby. They shared many laughs, as well as late nights finishing intense studio projects. Katherine now resides in San Diego, but will be coming to celebrate with Erica in NY this September!


Francesca Yoon

Fran, also calling each other as their "psycho nuns," has been Erica's best friend since high school. Fran's contagious laugh, her amazingness to always care for others, and her constant smile and affection has left a lasting impression on Erica's life. With memories shared over the past 10 years, Erica looks forward to the future where they can share many more of these laughs and smiles.


Jaewon Seok

Jaewon is a giving person. He and Hoon became to know each other at Samsung Design Membership in Seoul and their friendship grows as they both work as designers in the States. He recently settled down to New York and Hoon is excited to have more fulfilled cultural and arty conversations and activities together.


Sangmin Shim

Sangmin was Hoon's college roommate at 15 West while they attended school at RISD. After Hoon graduated, they got into a teacher-student relationship, still while keeping their friendship. Working together and supporting each other for a new life in New York City keeps their friendship strong.



Susan Kim

Susan and Erica have long been buddies since they have built their friendship on God at Woongwang Church. But that doesn't mean it does not include some gossip and giggling over everything in life! Susan is always very supportive and encouraging, and Erica is always thankful for her ability to be excited for her and caring in every way imaginable.


Jin Kim

Jin is a funny and mysterious guy having a bear character. They have been friends in Seoul many years ago, and met again in New York City unexpectedly. Now he is working with Hoon at Why Not Smile.

Eat & Dance

We eat, dance, and promise here.

Two celebrations will be held. The wedding reception will be an intimate dinner party at Jungsik in New York, and the wedding ceremony will take place at Hoon's school, Seoul National University in Korea with friends and family.

on September 15
7 PM
in New York

A Week Later
on September 23
5 PM
in Seoul



Jungsik offers a modern and unique understanding of contemporary Korean cuisine – innovative chef Yim has christened it as New Korean. The name for the restaurant, Jungsik, was a play on words. In the Korean language Jung Sik is a formal dinner and it is also the name of our chef. We invite you to come and experience the boldly flavored and whimsical culinary offerings of restaurant Jungsik. [website]

2 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013
+1 212 219 0900

La Cucina

Seoul National University

La Cucina is an Italian restaurant located in the Engineering House at Seoul National University. It holds an event hall where the wedding ceremony will take place, with a buffet dinner of Korean cuisine following.

Engineer House in College of Engineering
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742
+82 2 875 0192


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